Chapter 16. Satan: The Anointed of Angels

Even after Satan’s fall, he has continued to reign, enthroned above the fallen congregation of gods depicted in Psalm 82 as the god of this world, counterfeiting God’s heavenly assembly.

Scripture does not provide a complete tally of titles and/or names Satan once held, but Scripture does detail to several of Heylel’s traits, titles, and positions before he was degraded to Satan status. One of Satan’s former positions completes the mystery to why Jesus became the High Priest of the Melchizedek Order before God. The key to unlocking the answer to the priestly Melchizedek mystery begins with discerning that one of Satan’s former positions included the angelic high priest serving at God’s heavenly altar atop the Seraphim angelic order. The High Priest position in heaven was not filled after Satan’s fall. It follows that Jesus became flesh to fill the void of Satan’s former high priest position. The basis for the above Satan discernment can be found within the seemingly disparate details describing the devil distributed throughout the Bible.

Satan was perfect from creation but did not remain loyal and obedient to God. Iniquity took root in him and infected his perfection and his extraordinary high designation before God. Iniquity led Satan to rebel against God and inspired his failed coup d’état. Iniquity perpetuated Satan’s continued rebellion that manifested in his wrath and revenge directed at humankind, all to justify his poorly conceived uprising and to endeavor to prevent humankind from becoming heirs to eternity.

Before Satan’s fall, he was distinguished in the book of Ezekiel as the “anointed cherub” who walked among the fiery stones on the holy mountain as a “covering cherub” like those that adorn the ark of the covenant. The cherubic and anointed cherub walked among the fiery stones like the seraphim, but unlike the cherubim Watchers that cover the throne with their wings. Satan/Heylel was also the cherubim permitted to enter in Eden.

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