Chapter 17. The Baalim Assembly of Mount Hermon

Scripturally, people worshipped and served Baal, and the reigning Baalim, as the host of heaven in the Covenant Land region after the flood. Mount Baalhermon, meaning lord of destruction or lord/master of (Mount) Hermon, was located in the Bashan region and part of the three peaks of Mount Hermon known as the Hermonites. Baalim is the plural for Baal and a term used to identify the many gods of Baal’s assembly in Baal’s house/Ba`al Zebuwb associated with Ashteroth, and other places like Baalberyith god of Shechemites and Philistines, and Baalzebub god of Ekronites—“the lord of the fly.” Baal/Bael/Bel/Baell is known in occult religions as a triple-headed fallen angel, the greatest of the Baels, son of El, and said to be an equal rank of Raphael in the loyal hierarchy of angels. It follows that Baal may have had several titles and names, one that may have been similarly spelled as Raphael and the patronymic name of Rapa, for the eponymously named Rephaim tribes.

The Ugaritic Texts tallied a host of seven reigning Baals/Adads like Baal of Saphon among six others named only as numerically numbered Baals/Baalim:

Sacrifices of Saphon. .. Baal of Saphon an ox and a ram; Baal (II) an ox and a ram; [Baal (III) an ox and a ram; Baal (IV) an ox and a ram]; Baal (V) an ox and a ram; Baal (VI) an o[x and a ram; Baal (VII) an ox and] a ram.

Mount Saphon was the name for the divine mountain of inheritance and sanctuary for El and then Baal in the Ugaritic Texts. Mount Saphon, is the mountain Israelites called Mount Hermon, by the Sidonians as Sirion, Amorites as Shenir/Senir, Mount Sion by others, as well as Khursag of Nippur. Mount Hermon was the home of the assembly of the gods both before and after the flood, and one of the most revered sites in polytheism.

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