Mount Hermon was connected to giant creation in nonaccepted canon accounts before and after the flood. One ponders if biblical canon supporting those claims have been suppressed. Scripture’s accounting of King Og and Sihon certainly seem to support the noncanonical accounts for giant creation after the flood.

King Og, without further explanation, is described as the remnant/yether of giants/rapha as in Rephaim, after the flood. Remnant as is residue or remainder indicates by the original Hebrew text Og was last of first generation of Rephaim post diluvian giants, versus antediluvian Nephilim created by fallen angels before the flood. King Og made his home in Bashan of Mount Hermon. Both Og’s description as a rapha king and his choice to reign from Mount Hermon are underexplained biblical details connecting Og to a Second Incursion of angelic giant creation that was also connected to Mount Hermon.

Discerning the events surrounding Mount Hermon both before and after the flood provides proper context to the subversive and preplanned events lapping over this generation, contrived by the spurious offspring of fallen angels. Grasping the free choice decisions made on Mount Hermon, the consequences thereof, and the implication for this generation is vital to awakening and preparing Christians for what must take place and will take place. With this mind, many conclude an angelic pact and sworn oaths were consummated upon Mount Hermon; a pact that seemingly was recorded in First Enoch that begat and memorialized the place of their crimes. Not only did the fallen angels memorialize this day of infamy through the mystery religions, but First Enoch states the impassioned rebellious angels renamed the summit (by inference) to Mount Hermon after the oath sworn there indicating that before the oath sworn, Mount Hermon was known by another name—Saphon, Senir, Siroin, Sion, or another name.

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