Chapter 20. Mount Sion and Har Megiddown

One might anticipate that a rising end-time Babylon religion will utilize Mount Sion as part of the overall strategy of misdirection and misinformation to persuade the people of the world that monotheism rose as a rogue cult after Moses; that Moses was taught and initiated into polytheism at Heliopolis as a royal; that Moses was not monotheistic. The end-time universal religion will de-deify Jesus and endeavor to bring all monotheism home to the religion of Mount Hermon/Sion, not Mount Zion of Jerusalem and monotheism.

Genesis 6’s “men of renown” appellation for the Nephilim derives from the Hebrew shem meaning fame, infamy, reputation, etc. Shem is sourced equally from shamayim meaning heaven(s), and from its singular root word shameh meaning to be lofty. Sion, the variant name for Hermon, also means lofty. The Heavenly Ones, the Shamayim that fell in rebellion, are the Naphalim. By inference, the Hermonim/giants were the inferior demigod copies of fallen lofty ones, heavenly ones. It follows that the Nephilim and Rephaim held similar reputation and infamy—as tyrants.

Mount Sion/Siy’on of Bashan should not be confused or conflated with Zion/Tsiyown, the mountain of Jerusalem city. These are two distinct Hebrew words: one to describe the home of lofty fallen angels, and one to describe the mountain of the God Most High and His city. Tsiyown is used 154 times in the Old Testament to describe to a mountain in Jerusalem, the city taken by David (2 Sam 5:7), but never for Mount Hermon. Sion, as it was translated in the KJV in Deuteronomy 4:48, likely ought to have been translated into English it was spelled in Hebrew Siyon and not Sion, which appears to be a translator masonic marker.

One might overlook Deuteronomy 4’s translation corruption if it was nor for Romans 11 where “Sion” is translated from Greek Seeown, which derived from Hebrew Tsiyown/Zion. The New Testament translation corruption in favor of Sion over Zion was made six more times.

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