Chapter 8. The Seventy Nations and the Assembly of the Gods

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Yisra’el in Deuteronomy 32:8 is the originating compounded Hebrew word understood originally differently than the singular word/title Israel to which God changed Jacob’s name, a new name based in the original edict and prophecy of God. In the original understanding the compound word Yisra’el describes supernatural beings before the flood. These supernatural beings were directly connected to ruling over the seventy antediluvian nations. Israel, in its singular meaning as the nation of Jacob, is never scripturally applied to the descendants of Adam’s complete progeny, so one deduces that the compound word and its meaning references the ruling council of fallen angels/gods.

Accordingly, Yisra’el derives jointly from sarah, meaning to prevail, have power as in a prince, and to contend with as in persevere. Yisra’el is jointly derived from El, defined as mighty, angel, god and/or God Most High. The correct meaning and translation for the ancient application would derive from the meaning of both words. Typically, the compounded meaning for Yisra’el is understood as rule/reign as God, and translated together with the sons: “according to the sons ruling as or with God, sons ruling as a gods/angels, or ruling sons [angels] of the reigning God,” all the while noting that sons of God are described as an order of angels in Genesis 6:4 and Job 1:6, 2:1, and 38:4–7. Details defining angels, all their obscure orders, and their hierarchy are slowly revealed throughout Scripture as to their roles, interaction, and importance to humanity. We learn more and more about those roles in the later books of each testament.

The children/son(s) of Israel/Yisra’el translates as powerful gods/angels who reigned over the seventy nations counted by the sons of Adam before the flood, the descendants of Noah after the flood, and a prophetic allegory and double entendre for the nation of destiny that I refer to the latter as a dual prophecy.

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