Canaan’s gambit to align and intermix with Rephaim was the Canaanite retort to the servitude curse—a strategy to steal God’s reserved land and defend their ill-begotten plunder as a giant-like race reinforced with Rephaim warriors, led initially by Rephaim kings. Canaanite clans were insulated by the Rephaim, Emim, and Zamzummim east of the Jordan River, and in the south protected by Horim, Amaleqim, and Anakim. Knowing this makes sense of the dynastic Mesopotamian kings struck first at the Rephaim nations protecting the rebellious Canaanite pentapolis. In describing the war of giants, Josephus described the five kings of Sodom as offspring of giants: “There were five kings that managed the affairs of this county: Ballas, Barsas, Senabar, and Sumobor, with the king of Bela; and each king led on his own troops: and the Assyrians made war upon them; and, dividing their army into four parts, fought against them.. .. These kings had laid waste all Syria, and overthrown the offspring of the giants.”

Josephus underscored that Canaanites were hybrid offspring of giant patriarchs, not fallen angels. Canaanite hybrid clans burgeoned forth throughout the Covenant Land. As such, Scripture documents the “daughters of Canaanites” and the daughters of Canaan” in the context of wives for patriarchs. Abraham and Isaac went to great lengths to ensure their sons did not marry from the daughters of Canaanites, even though Esau did with Adah, the daughter of a Hittite, as well as Aholibamah, daughter of Anah, who was daughter of Zibeon the Hivvim. The “daughters of Canaan” phraseology is akin to the “daughter of men” phraseology with the creation of Nephilim in Genesis 6:2 and 4. It follows that if Canaanite daughters procreated with fallen angels to create Rephaim, then other daughters did so with Rephaim to create the patriarch-less clans.

One ponders if Canaan and his two sons interbred with female Rephaim to produce their hybrid human Rephaim nations, as Eliphaz did with the Horim Timna.

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