Chapter 33. The Horim Elvin Bloodline

Duke Seir produced male progeny: Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, and Anah, as well as one daughter named Timna. Aholibamah was the daughter of Anah, who married Esau to produce Jeush, Jaalam, and Korah. Although few in numbers, Rephaim produced daughters who married Canaan, Sidon, Heth, Nimrod, Eliphaz, Amalek, and one presumes others from Noah’s posterity.

“Duke” in the KJV derives from Hebrew, ‘alluwph, and by extensionthe Alluphim of Edom as the Catholic Encylopedia transliterates them. ‘Alluwph means chief in the Genesis 36 applications and is rooted in ‘alph meaning to teach or learn as in knowledge or gnosis. The dynastic dukes of Edom included Seir’s posterity as well as the succeeding Esau and Eliphaz posterity. The etymology source of “duke” in English is Latin dux, Italian duca, and French duc, made popular in the reign of Emperor Constantine for hereditary military leaders and chiefs of the nobility, and then adopted into the nobility class of European nations. Dukes, as generally understood in contemporary peerage systems, hold the highest hereditary rank outside the royal family and among the nobility class, below the title of prince but above marquis. However, a “royal duke,” as with the English royal family, is entitled to the Prince and Royal Highness titles as a prince of the “blood royal” who also possess dukedoms as part of that exclusive royal distinction.

Duke Eliphaz’s name holds special significant among polytheists because they draft Eliphaz into their mythos via his marriage to (Duchess) Timna, the Horim princess. Eliphaz was the son of Esau and the Hittite hybrid Adah. Eliphaz/‘Eliyphaz, meaning gold of God, derives from el meaning god, God, or a mighty one, and from paz meaning pure gold, all which reflected Eliphaz’s newly acquired status as a prince of the blood royal. “Eliph” in Eliphaz was drafted into a craft deployed by adepts, wordsmithing to pen occult allegory and legominism, alternatively known as the green language. “Eliph” of Eliphaz and alluwph and its Hebrew source word alph were penned into the fairy and dragon bloodline mythos to distinguish and track their royal bloodline dynasties, and the new dynasty spawned with Amalek.

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