Secular records do not directly indicate that the Avvites/Avvim existed; the only known accounts derive from Scripture. Yet, assembling the biblical Avvim narrative reveals an inflection point that leads to other kinds of giants overlooked or dismissed by standard modern theological and secular dogma.

The obscure Avites/Avvim of Gaza were an important partner in the early postdiluvian Southern alliance of giant nations. The Avvim tribe is also associated with the ancient Benjamite city of Avim located in the vicinity the Valley of Rephaim, the Valley of Giants. The central Canaan Avvim dwelled among the Jebusite, Hivite, and Amorite hybrids, as well as among the central Hivvim. Church father Jerome linked the Avvim with the city of “Ha-Avvim (AV Avvim)” located in the district of the Hivites of Gibeon. Ha-Avvim/AV Avvim is derived from inserting the definite article the/ha/ה, that forms “the Avvim.” Additionally, both Jerome and the Septuagint reckoned Avvim as Hivites/Evites.

On the other hand, Strong’s Cyclopaedia wrote that both Jerome and the Septuagint translations “were not careful exacting on names”—that the Avvim disappear from Scripture before the (hybrid) Hivites, and that the Avvim were accounted as Rephaim in Deuteronomy 2:23, not as Hivvims or Hivites. What seems likely is that the Avvim were a distinct but kin branch of Hivvim, just as Hivvim were a kin branch of Horim; that Avvim dwelled in central Canaan with both Hivites and Hivvim and southwest alongside Horim, Amaleqim, Geshurim, and Gizrim.

Accordingly, Avvim is connected to Avith city of south Canaan. Avith, defined as ruins, was the capital city for the southern Horim and Duke Ben-Badad in Edom—one of the Elven/fairy kings. Avith city has visible phonetic and etymological connections to Avvim/Avite. The nexus with `Avvim/Ha-Avvim becomes clear when one learns `Avvim is also defined as ruins, and that `Avvim is transliterated as Avith. Avith city indicates that Avvim Aboriginals were the founders for the Ben-Bedaad’s inherited Horim capital city, and that Avvim arrived before or at the same time as the Horim.

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