Chapter 41. The Philistines, Cherethim, Caphtorim, and Calushim

Home Excerpts from The Genesis 6 Conspiracy Part II Section 4. The Post Diluvian Rephaim World Order Chapter 41. The Philistines, Cherethim, Caphtorim, and Calushim

The Philistines/Plst migrated to Egypt with Mizraim, then to Caphtor/Crete, and then to southwest Canaan. Even though the Philistines descended from Mizraim’s son Casluhim, and from Caphtor, Casluhim was not the patriarch for the Philistines: “Casluhim, (out of whom came Philistim,) and Caphtorim.”

Kachluchiym/Casluhim were a little-known people of foreign derivation meaning fortified, a people cognate to Egyptians and only mentioned in the table of nations. Scholars assert the Casluhim followed the Pathrusim people that settled between Upper and Lower Egypt. The Septuagint names the lost Casluhim people as the Chasmoniim, while Josephus references them as the Chesloim, whose cities and peoples were wiped out in the Egyptian/Ethiopic wars led by Moses in his early life. The Septuagint scribes may have taken their lead from the Hebrew word Chashman/princes of Ethiopia, used in Psalm 68.

The Plst of Egypt were a migratory branch of Casluhim daughters and an unknown giant patriarch, which intermarried with Indo-Aryans of Caphtor/Crete, at which point the patriarch’s name was lost to history or was a derivative of Plst. The Caphtorim may very well be the Hebrew name for the giant Aboriginal inhabitants of the patrial named Caphtor/Crete, Indo-Aryans whom the Philistines in part derived from. Both the Philistines and Caphtorim later migrated to Gaza, where they uprooted many Avvim and settled in their place.

The Ugaritic Texts classified Crete, Semitic Kptr, as the source word for Hebrew Kaphtor, Egyptian Keftiu, and English Caphtor. The Ugaritic Texts also classified the god of Crete/Kaphtor and Egypt as a son of El, Kothar-Hasis, whose throne was in Crete but dwelled in Egypt. Ugaritic Kaphtor is the same spelling as in Hebrew Kaphtor, defined as the wreath-shaped island of Crete, home of the Philistines, and the patrial source word for Kaphtoriy/Caphtorim meaning crown, Cretans, and distinct from the Philistines—Indo-Aryans. Minoans/Cretans were one of four Indo-Aryan branches that migrated from Asia Minor, or perhaps even a fifth branch.

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