Chapter 65. The King of Jerusalem Title

The original Rephaim kings of Jerusalem after the flood like Adonizedek, entitled the “King of Jerusalem,” was aligned with the kings of Hebron/Kiriatharba. Adonizedek’s name means lord of righteousness. Jerusalem was a city prized by Rephaim after the flood, perhaps prized from before the flood, and will be the epicenter city of end-time prophecy… One might further anticipate Antichrist will stake his King of Jerusalem claim and his “divine right to rule” when he will be crowned in the temple: the abomination.

The “divine right to rule” is and was asserted by royals bestowed upon them by their “deity” as the chosen demigod representatives of that “deity,” and “accordingly they are not responsible to their subjects for their method of governing, nor to any other human court of appeal”; that “all power and government was vested in the king who ‘could do no wrong,’” begat at the ceremonial consecrations of their crowning rituals. The deity they worship is not necessarily the God of the Bible. The royal’s occult ceremonial rituals include sworn oaths to and in the spirit of their godfathers…

One might anticipate a royal bloodline and heraldry like the ennobled house of Stuart, which boasted the unification of Rex Deus bloodlines from the Merovingians, the Dalriada dynasties of Tara in Ireland, the Celtic Camelot dynasty of Wales, Norse bloodlines from Rollo via the de Bruce and Saint Claire houses, David and Saul’s bloodlines, as well as alleged bloodlines from Jesus and Mary Magdalene via the Celtic and Merovingian dynasties. The Stuart bloodline, the heraldic “House of Unicorn,” commingled with so many Rex Deus bloodlines that they were regarded as the most ennobled bloodline of their era. “Scion” is an occult allegory identifying original Rephaim bloodline branches grafted with other Rephaim bloodlines that originated from the Baalim of Mount Sirion/Sion/Hermon council of gods. Moreover “scion” is a classic occult double entendre stemming from Old French, Sion, was deployed in preparation for Antichrist’s pedigree and King of Jerusalem title.

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