Ignatius of Loyola’s Jesuit Order conception post-dated the Rosicrucian order, the incarnated junior organization for the senior Priory Sion order that split from their junior Templar Order in 1188 for losing Jerusalem. In short, the Jesuit Order was the gambit by Rex Deus bloodlines to replace the fallen Knights Templar within the Roman church.

Ignatius/Inigo of Loyola (1491–1556) was born from Basque nobility at Loyola Castle in Spain. The Basque nobility rank was “parientes maires,” roughly translated from Spanish as older and perhaps bigger relatives. Ignatius possessed ancient royal bloodlines recognized by the nobility class at that time… Ignatius was injured in battle in 1521 after undertaking a military career in 1517. While recovering, he received an apparition of Mary that begat his conversion and commission at the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption. He saw “Our Lady” and the infant Jesus and received an overwhelming “initiation” described as an “intense consolation.” This initiation is very odd to me because “The Secret Rule of the Order of the Templars made a distinction between the regular [lower] members and the Consoled Brothers [the Adepts], who were the Keepers of the Message. The Secret Rule of the Order was set down in The Book of Baptism of Fire and the Secrets Set Down by the Master Roncelin. Consoled Brothers were gnostic Cathar Perfecti, meaning those who have received the Consolamentum. Consoled Brothers were the ‘Pure Ones’ who were in contact with the divine, ready to rejoin the kingdom of light from where they were driven during the revolt of the [fallen] angels; only the Consoled Brothers knew the Secret Rule of the Order.” Once Ignatius’ health was restored, he pilgrimaged to the closest “shrine of Our Lady” to thank his “Queen for his conversion,” where he received more stirring “consolations.” Thereafter, Ignatius called Mary “the Immaculate Queen of the Universe.” Everything about Ignatius’ first visions were steeped in gnostic language, dogma, and with Templar

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