Chapter 71. Francis Borja and the Montesa Order

Francis Borgia/Borja met Ignatius of Loyola when Ignatius was arrested and imprisoned by Inquisition servants in 1529, whereby Borgia secured Ignatius’ release. In time, Borgia recognized the “potential in the extreme military devotion being preached by Ignatius of Loyola.” Borgia was involved with the Jesuit Order from that point on.

During the early years of the Jesuit movement Borgia, the third Duke of Gandia, funded Ignatius’ fledgling order, providing life to Ignatius’ radical dream. Ignatius “zealously begged” for Borgia’s funding for some time before Borgia acquiesced. Borgia later became a Jesuit, the general of the order, and then a saint, fondly remembered as a “founding father in the full sense.” None of the above details regarding Borgia appear to be coincidental.

Francis Borgia was the son of Juan Borgia and the royal princess Juana of Aragon. Francis’ great-grandfather was Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia, who reigned from 1492–1503. Another Borgia became noteworthy as Pope as well: Alfonso de Borgia, Pope Calixtus/Callistus III, who established the family’s influence in Italy. Calixtus III became Pope in 1455 and was a kinsman of the Italian Caesar Borgia clan. The Aragonese Borgia were a branch of the Italian Black Nobility Borgia that traced their bloodlines back to Augustus and Julius Caesar via the “gens Julia” of Julius; to the spurious Rephaim, Romulus and Remus; and their parents Mars/Ares and Silvia/Rehea the granddaughter of King Numitor of Alba. Rodrigo Borgia/Pope Alexander VI produced eight sons, one named Pedro Luis who acquired land in the kingdom of Valencia via his hereditary right as the Duchy of Gandia. Francis Borgia’s matriarchal grandfather was the King of Aragon.

Knowing Borgia’s bloodlines explains how he gained influence in 1527 in the court of King Charles V (1516–1558). Charles was a descendant of the house of Hapsburg who received through hereditary right: “so many lands that the sun never set on his dominions.”

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