Anticipate that the Jesuits will once more go rogue, temporarily upending the world order and agenda set in place by Rex Deus kings, before the end-time kings plot to destroy the New Babylon.

The rogue Jesuit gambit may already be afoot, furtively calculating when to supersede the current New World Order schema, which the pure-blood secret society orders have thus far failed to bring about. The Club of Rome was formed to speed up the process for world government, but this Rex Deus gambit has also stalled.

With this in mind, know that in 1968 at the Accademia Dei Lincei of Rome, “The Club of Rome” was founded in part and sponsored by David Rockefeller, and by extension the Rothschild banking dynasty, whom the Rockefeller’s report to as part of the Rothschild stable of agents. The Club of Rome though was and is populated at the senior level by the Venetian and Genoa Black Nobility, the larger European Black Nobility, and the London Nobility. The Club of Rome has less than one hundred members; all are CFR members guided by senior Rosicrucian pure bloods from the Committee of Three Hundred.

This secret society claims to hold the keys to world peace and global prosperity through world government, boasting they understand the “problematique”: “It is this generalized meta-problem (or meta-system of problems) which we have called and shall continue to call the ‘problematique’ that inheres in our situation.” The secret society selected and contracted experts in its branches of working ranks: new-science scientists, globalists, environmentalists, future planners, and internationalists “of every stripe.” This organization’s objective is to oversee regionalization and then unification of the world, which it has deviously divided into ten political and economic regions…

In 1968, Jesuits morphed their activities around the world into social work, ecumenism, human rights, and politics, which corresponded with the creation of the Club of Rome gambit.

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