Knowing the conspiratorial context to how the descendants of giants plan to bring about the end-time in the Fig Tree Generation is key to unlocking allegories embedded in Revelation’s Babylon.

End-time Babylon will be an opulent shining city, a universal religion, a rich corporate enterprise, a ruthless geopolitical organization, and an advanced technological beast empire. Many limit their understanding to just one or two of the faces of end-time Babylon, but to fully comprehend the terror that is coming in the Fig Tree Generation, one must discern each Babylonian facade of and how those facets intersect and interact. Comprehending Old Testament details referencing ancient polytheist religions are additional keys to unlocking Revelation’s obscure allegories. Old Testament prophecies are a Rosetta stone for Revelation’s prophetic allegory, which decodes the meanings captured within specific words describing Babylon.

“The prophetic Babylon city was defined through three ill-famed examples from antiquity. Revelation allegorized this future city as Babylon; Isaiah employed Tyre and Babylon; Jeremiah allegorized Babylon; Zephaniah and Nahum utilized Nineveh.” Each of the cities describe important traits for end-time Babylon. Nineveh and Babylon were royal cities of the Assyrian and Babylon beast empires, just as Babylon city will be for the end-time seventh beast empire that rises phoenix-like from the ashes of the sixth Roman beast empire. Babel, Babylon, and Tyre portray the opulence of end-time Babylon. Tyre was the famous home of global traders in the ancient postdiluvian world that reflected the worldwide economic and commerce powerhouse end-time Babylon city will become. Nineveh, the ancient city of blood and torture, represents the persecution and genocide Babylon will inflict on the saints in the latter Fig Tree Generation, and all who resist Babylon’s forced worship. One should anticipate Babylon’s persecution will increase intensity/sorrows while still in the womb, a sharp increase when it is born, and exponentially increase in the last ten years.

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