Chapter 77. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The bow, crown, and rider will be unleashed to go forth through the earth, to establish Babylon’s subservient ten-king empire established with Daniel 9:27’s covenant signing, which begins the week of years to end sin, reconcile iniquity, bring in everlasting righteousness, to anoint the Holy One of Israel, and to seal up vision and prophecy.

The first rider’s bow and crown allegories hold important information. Bow/tox’on was penned once in the New Testament, in Revelation 6:2. Tox’on does not mean a weapon of war, as most would understand a bow in this application. Rather tox’on is defined as the simplest of fabrics. Tox’on derives from tik’to, meaning to bring forth, bear fruit, and the travail of a women giving birth. The first rider also emerges with a crown/stef’anos. Stef’anos means an honorary wreath of righteousness, a garland presented to victors in contests like the ancient Greek Olympics, a mark/crown/wreath of royalty and bloodlines from the gods; and a crown/wreath of righteousness awarded to the servants of God.

The definitions of “bow” and “crown” directs one to search out history and prehistory for context, as the imagery was understood by John. The idioms are reminiscent of Greek white-robed gods and their reigning Nephilim and Rephaim spurious offspring, who proudly donned the laurel wreath of Apollo, created from Daphne after she morphed into a laurel tree: “When on the point of being overtaken by him, she prayed to her mother, Ge, who opened the earth and received her, and in order to console Apollo she created the evergreen laurel tree” (Ovid Metamorphosis 1:452). “And the crown of laurel was given to the victors in the Pythian games, for no other reason I think (that according to the prevalent report) Apollo was enamored of Daphne the daughter of Ladon.” Daphne in Greek tradition means laurel, the laurel/Daphne of the mountain/oros, known in Greek known as laurel nobilis (noble or royal), an aromatic evergreen tree.

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