Chapter 83. The Year of the Lord’s Wrath

H-R-M is the Semitic root word for Hermon, Satan’s mountain of mountains alternatively called Mount Sion, and Satan’s earthly counterfeit mount of the assembly/mow`ed/mowged. Knowing that Jesus instructed the saints to mark and discern the abomination as prophesied by Daniel in his prophecies, as well as John’s instructions to discern Armageddon in the Hebrew tongue, leads one back to Daniel 11’s last three-and-a-half years, to the appointed/mow`ed/mowged end/qets time/`eth (an appointed year) that likely should be understood as culminating at the assembly at Satan’s mountain for the Armageddon discernment, and Antichrist’s appointed destruction. One might further assign a dual meaning to H-R-M-G-D as the Hermon assembly.

Accordingly, “time, times” in Daniel 12:7 is translated into English from mow`ed/mowged and not from `eth; “time, times, and half (a time)” is generally understood as three-and-a-half years. Mow`ed/mowged is further translated as the time for the yearly Feast of Leavened Bread in Exodus 34:18 in “the time/mow`ed/mowged of the month of Abib, for in the month of Abib thou camest out of Egypt,” which likely should have been translated as “appointed congregation” or “annual appointed assembly.” Similarly, the “appointed assembly” likely is a better translation than “time” in 1 Samuel 9:24, when Samuel feasted with Saul at the time God selected Saul for kingship. Mow`ed/mowged isadditionally translated as “appointed” twenty times, “feasts” nineteen times, and “congregation” 147 times. One deduces a time was a yearly period set between appointed holy feasts, just as `eth is a time/year. Similarly, Armageddon will be a solemn charam/cherem mountain assembly/mow`ed/mowged and or “solemn feast” in Hebrew for the feast of birds and animals, as Revelation 19:17 depicts the feast in Greek “gathered. .. into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon” (Rev 16:16).

In the appointed time/year for the accursed utter destruction culminating at the place of the solemn assembly of Armageddon, the kings of the north and south will launch the Year of the Lord’s wrath bowls.

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