Chapter 5: The Schism Of Antediluvian Freemasonry

genesis6-section1-chap5The Encyclopedia Americana described the giant rebellion as a struggle against the “order of creation,” against the gods 1 (God). It is this obscure, ancient, antediluvian mysticism that has been reborn in our generation, to a frightful level of hidden authority and power, breathing new life to The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.

Let us once more fall back to the Legends of the Craft preserved by the Masonic Brotherhood. As we learned in chapter two, the Seven Sacred Sciences taught to Adam by God in Eden were passed onto both Seth and Cain. Cain grew to be a hater of the true God, living in total defiance, rebelling against God, and corrupting, along with his descendants, all the Sacred Sciences.

Cain’s posterity polluted these Sacred Sciences with idolatry and mysticism, applying the knowledge for their own impious agendas. It was this corruption of divine knowledge mixed with pantheism that was then intermingled with the offspring of angels, which formed the axis of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Nephilim were sprinkled throughout the antediluvian world, with superior size and strength to enforce the new, mystical state religion. Nephilim combined their power with idolatrous pantheism, which left no restrictions on the application of their power, both physical and abstract.

As I mentioned the divine knowledge of the Seven Sciences was passed on to both Cain and Seth. This was the antediluvian split, known as “the Schism of Freemasonry,” according to Dr. Oliver and the Oliverian Theory, recognized as the “pure” and the “spurious.” 2 This schism of antediluvian Freemasonry can be more easily understood as the wedge splitting monotheism away from spurious, mystical polytheism.

Webster’s New Compact Format Dictionary defines spurious as “bastard, illegitimate, not genuine, sham, forged, simulating, but essentially different.” And this is exactly what took place. Masonry practiced by the descendants of Cain right up until the flood was the bastard form of the divine knowledge, practiced in a manner that simulated the pure form but was intrinsically different at the core. Masonry, as Dr. Oliver continues, was a relic from idolatrous mysteries embedded in the antediluvian schism, descending from the spurious branch of the Seven Sciences. 3