Chapter 98: The Khem Of Mendes

section8-chap98Why is the Goat of Mendes clearly associated with Rosicrucian and Alchemy? 1 And what is the ominous connection that makes this important?

Azazel, leader of the rebellious angels at Mount Hermon and the scapegoat for angelic punishment, is the symbolic goat hung upside down in the pictogram/pentagram of the Goat of Mendes.

In Rosicrucianism, Genesis derives equally from the Gene of Isis and from the Greek word Genes , meaning “born of a kind.” 2 Rosicrucians believe in those born of a kind, those born of the Gene of Isis (Gaea and Ninkhursag) and fallen angels, the bloodlines of Nephilim, fairies, and the Dragon Court. Marshall believes the Kabbalah, from which Rosicrucianism derives, was a byproduct of a super race of giants (the spark of the divine) recorded in Genesis 6 and the knowledge taught to the super race by Azazel. 3

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, author of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson , states alchemy was a pseudoscience and that there was, in truth, a “genuine alchemy,” a “great science” that was known to humankind before Schwaller’s devolution theory from a super race of advanced giants. 4 Beelzebub is chief ruler of the demons. 5 Jews consider Beelzebub a heathen god, the supreme evil spirit 6 and chief of demons— the infamous Azazel, also identified as Baal from the Canaanite cult of the bull.

Andre Vandenbroeck, a student of Schwaller De Lubicz and his devolution from giants theory, believed alchemy was a by- product of the Absolute (science and theology of Atlantis) and the perfect science inherited by pharonic theocracy. 7 Philosophy of the Absolute, or Supreme Ideal- Real, is the wisdom of philosophy. This is the name philosophy bestows upon this unitary conception, and it is the highest religious development of humanity, all through its peculiar sciences. The Absolute philosophy teaches humankind to achieve the perfect ethical spirit. Thus the Absolute frees humankind from the conditions of dependence 8 (on God).

Hence, Rosicrucians believe alchemy is the genuine Absolute science of Atlantis and that it, if properly developed, would enable the world to introduce the New Golden Age, the New Atlantis. They believe alchemy originated in a lost civilization destroyed by catastrophe and that it was saved and sent along with envoys to postdiluvian India, China, and Egypt, 9 likely with the Seven Mystical Sages recorded in the numerous polytheist legends. Alchemy is the core element to Western esoteric tradition, a comprehensive philosophy of matter, including physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, meteorology, herbalism, embryology, psychology, economics, and mystical religion. Alchemists believe publishing their secrets could bring about the destruction of the world, 10 and I deduce from the alchemist’s concerns that they believe only the so- called illuminated are able to control such knowledge and the power it brings.